300m Swim or 500m Row

Jump in the pool or set your level on the rower and off you go

7.5km Bike

Choose your bike, set your seat height, and start cycling

1.5km Run or Walk

The final element of the challenge - you can run or walk. Go at your own comfortable pace

Gym Challenge

The GO TRI Gym Challenge consists of 3 elements; swim or row, bike and run, which can be completed in one session or three separate sessions in a gym. Remember to bring your phone so you can make a note of your times for later uploading to the GO TRI website. Once you have completed all three elements, then click Upload Times to enter your times online. You will then be able to see how you rank against our elites, celebrities and other GO TRIERS.

We know once you have done the challenge once, that you will want to try and beat your time – it’s a fun workout that can help you to lead an active lifestyle.

Annabelle from Kent said “The challenge pushed me, but it felt great once I had finished, and I can’t wait to go back and beat my time”