"The aim this year is to finish 3 sprint tri's and 3 GO TRI's."

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Triathlon was on my Bucket List

Here Lynn shares her story, and we think that you will agree that you’re never too old to have a go at triathlon, even if you can’t remember how to swim. Lynn loves to challenge herself and wants to inspire others to give TRI a go.

‘My running career started around five years ago as I wanted to take on the Great North Run before I turned 60. I joined the Blyth Running Club and I have never looked back. I’ve competed in races in the UK including the usual 5k, 10k and half marathons. I have also been competing in races across the globe including the Rock’nRolled race in Las Vegas and Dublin. I’ve Disney Princess’d in Florida and later this year in Paris.

Then I looked at my bucket lists and the last thing that was on my list was to complete a triathlon. I started by entering the GO TRI event in Prudhoe and fell in love with the sport. I followed it up by entering the QE2 Sprint which is an open water swim.  This meant that I had to relearn how to swim as I hadn’t swum for years, it also meant that I needed to overcome my fear of open water swimming. When I finished the race, I finished third in my age-group and got a place on the podium. I couldn’t have been prouder of myself.

The aim this year is to finish 3 sprint tri’s and 3 GO TRI’s. I’ve graduated from a hybrid onto a road bike which was a present for my birthday. This means that I am getting much faster in the cycling discipline.

I feel so much fitter then I did 20 years ago and I love what I am doing. My husband started cycling with me which I really enjoy as we get to spend more time together. We have had numerous holidays where we have just cycled together. We have cycled around Holland and France and we have plans to go down to Danube soon. I don’t see cycling as a hassle when I enjoy it so much.

GO TRI is an amazing way to learn the ropes, they give you the confidence to enter big races and just see what you are capable of. The marshals are helpful, encouraging and supportive.

Leeds was one of the best experiences ever. We were an integral part of the World Championship and we were all made to feel as important as an Elite. I’ve been so proud to say I competed and best of all I finished 33rd against lots of younger people.

I’ll definitely be signing up for more and hopefully will inspire others to give TRI a go. I’m proof that you’re never too old to start something new.

Inspired by Lynn’s story and wanting to give TRI a go? Search for your local GO TRI activity here.

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