"If you are at the start of your GO TRI journey., we have you covered with our first time triathlete tips"

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First time triathlete tips

Making the decision to take on a triathlon is great step forward but you will be understandably more hesitant as it's three events not just one. Follow our tips below to make sure your first triathlon is the best decision you will make.

Go short before long

When you first start looking to enter a triathlon it is easy to get confused with all the different the names and distances. We would recommend going for a GO TRI instead of jumping straight into the deep end and taking part in a Long Distance Race (although if you really fancy this challenge, then feel free to go for it).  Starting short helps you learn how a triathlon works, get to grips with transition and helps with that feeling of jelly legs.

Any bike will do

Many people will tell you that you need a top of the range road/triathlon bike for your event and this simply isn’t true. Whichever bike you have will be fine for your first triathlon. It may need a bit of maintanence but we have you covered with a handy video

Get a good pair of trainers

Shoes are a basic need in any sport. In triathlon events you need shoes for your bike and for running, so a comfy pair of trainers is required. Make sure the outfit (including shoes) doesn’t change from when you train to when you take part. Nobody wants blisters.

Don’t over think it

Never swam in open water before? Will it be your first ever transition? Chances are you are not alone. Around 80% of people who take on a GO TRI event are complete beginners and are in the same boat as you. If you over think what will happen, who will be there etc you will make yourself more nervous before you even start.

Learn how to do a transition

If you have never done a transition before, you may be a little nervous. Do you have the right equipment? Do you know how to lay it out? Don’t worry GO TRI has a handy guide to help you along the way – you will be surprised at just how simple it is.

Practice back to back elements

Practicing going from swimming to cycling or cycling to running will help you prepare for your first event. It will get you used to to that wobbly leg feeling that happens when you transition from one element to another – you’ll learn to love it!

Take your time

Remember that you are there to have a good time. GO TRI events are fun and open to all – we welcome everyone! There is no rush, finish each element in your own time and your own pace. You’ll feel better for it and will no doubt be gagging for more.

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