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Triathlon treats to kickstart your GO TRI journey

When starting out on your triathlon journey it can be difficult (and expensive!) to work out what equipment is essential to take part. We’ve teamed up with Decathlon to create a list of our top triathlon items that you can add to your Christmas list, making sure you’re ready to dip your toes in.

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Swimwear will always be required for the swim element of a triathlon, this can be either a one or two-piece set. If you decide that triathlon is the sport for you, you may also choose to purchase a tri-suit which can be worn throughout the swim, bike and run when competing.

If you decide to train or race in open water, it is likely that you will be required to wear a wetsuit. This will help you keep warm and float more easily. When competing, some events may offer wetsuit hire, but if not, there is a wide variety available for you to purchase at different price points.

Additional equipment you will need for the swim includes goggles and a swim cap. Although many events provide event-branded swim caps for visibility, you may wish to purchase one for your training, so you know what to expect on race day.

Suggested Decathlon Products Price View details
Nabaiji Kamye Women's Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit £12.99 Click here
Nabaiji 500 Ready Long Men's Boxer Swim Shorts £14.99 Click here
Aptonia SD Triathlon Women's Sleeveless Trisuit £29.99 Click here
Aptonia SD Triathlon Men's Sleeveless Trisuit £29.99 Click here
Nabaiji Silicone Swim Cap £2.49 Click here
Nabaiji Xbase Swimming Goggles £2.49 Click here



If you already have a bike at home, whether that’s a road, mountain or hybrid, you can dust this off for your GO TRI. If not, there is a wide range available to purchase and we guarantee that once you’ve got yourself in the saddle, there will be no limit on where you can go on two wheels.

Whether training or taking part in an event or GO TRI activity, a helmet is always mandatory. We recommend that you invest in a helmet which fits your head well and will therefore remain secure whilst on the bike.

Suggested Decathlon Products Price View details
B'TWIN Triban 500 Road Bike £349 Click here
B'TWIN Road R 500 Road Cycling Helmet £29.99 Click here



You’ll be relieved to know that there is only one piece of equipment required for the run element of a triathlon and that is a comfortable, supportive pair of trainers.

For GO TRI events you will only need one pair of trainers for the cycle and run elements, keeping your transition process simple.

Suggested Decathlon Products Price View details
Kalenji Run Active Men's Running Shoes £21.99 Click here
Kalenji Run Active Women's Running Shoes £21.99 Click here


Looking for more triathlon equipment? A variety of high-quality triathlon products are available at Decathlon, suitable for every stage of your triathlon journey. Check them out here 

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